For the elite athlete in you

Training sessions based on a personalized program designed to support you in achieving your fitness goals such as improved endurance, increased strength, and weight loss.

Training sessions are available in home or at various recreation centres in Edmonton and can be arranged for individuals, partners, or small groups. 


 Obstacle race boot camps combine core, strength, and cardio training which is ideal for anyone preparing for an obstacle race or just looking for a dynamic approach to fitness. 

Runners' boot camps are designed to help runners of all abilities improve running form and technique, build strength, and improve speed and endurance. These camps include runner-specific exercises, plyometric drills, and program design. 


Based on an assessment of current fitness and goals, individualized programs are developed to help you achieve your goal.

This option is flexible and is tailored to your personal needs which may include running a marathon in a specific time, improving your 10km time, or running your first ultra. 



"I have been working with Rick for a number of years in both group and one–on–one training sessions. Rick has inspired me to achieve goals that I never thought possible. You would think after so many workouts, they would start to look the same, but they don’t. Each workout is different and is challenging in new and unique ways. Just when I think I couldn’t possibly push myself further, Rick introduces a new exercise. I never get bored and I always look forward to each workout."   Jill Wheeler-Byrks 

"Rick Bachor is an excellent trainer who has helped me discover the inner athlete I never knew existed. He works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically, which has made me stronger and more confident in my abilities.  I have been working with Rick for 4 years and during that time I have run several  half and full marathons and completed 3 Tough Mudders, 1 Mud Hero and now I'm planning on participating in the Spartan events.  I recommend Rick as a personal trainer without reservation. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle." Stephanie Tempest 

"I feel very fortunate to have Rick has a mentor and trainer. He has helped achieve goals that seemed well beyond my reach and he continues to inspire me in his personal commitment to fitness. Working with Rick has been challenging and rewarding in equal measure. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who is ready to embrace a fun and healthy lifestyle." Sandy Bugeja